At Cyber Self-Defense, we are passionate about helping companies solve the mystery of cybersecurity.


To be recognized as a leader in the cybersecurity industry focused on strategy, program management, incident response, forensic analysis, and risk management practices.

We want to make the world a better place by bringing cybersecurity education and awareness to the masses.

We are focused on providing the utmost value to our clients in everything that we do. And we strive to cultivate a family-like work environment, with everyone contributing to the greater good of the company.


  • We will always focus on our customers and remember that our customers are our livelihood.
  • We will remember that we are a people company and that our team is key to our success.
  • We will always act in a professional, honest, and ethical manner.  Our integrity is everything!
  • We will never place profits ahead of our clients or teammates.  We know that our clients and teammates are the reason for our existence.
  • We are a faith-based corporation that believes in service to the community.

Our Leadership Team

Paul Carugati

Principal / Co-founder

Paul Carugati is a seasoned IT and Information Security leader with over 15 years’ experience across multiple commercial industries. Paul is a specialist in collaborative technology, building high-performing teams, program management, fostering a culture of data protection through business enablement and risk management, and achieving positive, measurable behavioral change through accountability and integrity. He is an in-demand speaker who holds many accreditation and industry certifications showcasing his technical and business prowess. Paul is passionate about raising community awareness about cyber security and privacy.

Michael Lee Meline Jr.

Principal / Co-founder

Highly technical background balanced with the leadership experience to appropriately present information security concepts and strategies to the most technical person to the Board of Directors. I have worked as a law enforcement officer, an information security consultant, a United States Marine, and in a wide range of security leadership roles. Adept at leading a risk based approach to security that ensures unacceptable risks are prioritized and managed, while working to keep the user experience positive. This approach minimizes costs and maximizes value. Information Security does not have to be expensive; it MUST be strategic!

Founder of the Community Security Coalition, a non-profit organization in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to educating companies, their executives, and their IT/IT Security on a wide range of information security topics. ISC2.org ``CISSP`` instructor. Adjunct Professor Norwich School of Graduate Studies; MS in Information Assurance.

Our Credentials


With over 30 years of information and cyber security prowess, we have more than just practical experience; we proudly hold the industry’s most coveted professional certifications and accreditation. 


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