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Digital Forensics &
Incident Response

We’re the experts. Let us help.

What is DFIR?

Criminal activity is an ever-present and unfortunate reality.  Malware, Social Engineering, Ransomware, Corporate Insiders are just a sampling of the prevalent causes of compromise. It can be completely overwhelming to find that your systems and data have been breached. Evidence can exist almost anywhere, even electronically. Where do you begin?

We have over 40 years combined experience with computer crimes; as cyber security executives and incident responders.  We understand intricacies of managing leadership, media/press, and customer disclosure which make response and recovery a challenge.  We know that proper information flow and communication is CRITICAL to the success of the investigation.

  • Data Acquisition and Mapping
  • Computer/Smartphone Forensic Analysis (Android/iOS)
  • Evidence Preservation and Collection
  • Data & File Recovery
  • E-Discovery Services
  • Witness Interviews
  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Expert Forensic Advice
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Keyword Search
  • E-mail Processing
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Testimony
  • Client/Public Communication
  • Media/Press Release Disclosure

Forensic techniques are reserved for experts only.

Amateurs need not apply.

Our trained and certified team of forensic analysts have the experience in law enforcement and cybersecurity incident response to ensure that your incident is handled in a secure, confidential and expertly managed manner. We will advise our customers and their counsel on the necessary steps to ensure that your company will have the best possible chances in court.  We can even testify in the case as expert witnesses.  While it’s rare that an investigation escalates to the courtroom, you need to be prepared as if it will.

Data Acquisition, Recovery, and Mapping

  • When incidents occur, data must be collected in a legally sound manner, using the latest equipment and techniques.  It is critical that properly trained and certified experts collect the data in order to safely recover damaged or deleted data.

Forensic Analysis

  • Anyone can turn a computer on and “look for evidence”.  Only specially trained and experienced forensic experts are able to collect data in a manner that is legally sound, prepared for litigation/court and which enables us to use context and clues in order to see the bigger picture.

Evidence Preservation & Collection

  • A full or partial investigation can be valuable to collect the necessary evidence properly and completely. Our team of forensic experts ensure a proper chain of custody and advise on how to store it; in case you need it later.

E-Discovery Services

  • For new or existing investigations, collecting too much information can be just as harmful as too little. Improperly collected information can lead to changes in the data that causes the evidence to tell the wrong story. We can help properly determine scope, collect, search and retain only as much data as is appropriate to address what is needed.