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January 2021

Happy New Year! More CMMC News!

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December was a great month for us, here are Cyber Self-Defense. As always, we had some amazing opportunities to work with a number of the best customers in the world and on some exciting projects. OUR CUSTOMERS ARE THE REASON WE EXIST!

Our CEO, Michael Meline, was able to become selected as one of the first 100 Provisional Assessors for the CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) program and a CMMC Registered Practitioner. Toward the end of the month Nelson Wenner became a CMMC Registered Practitioner. Congratulations Nelson! The Registered Practitioner course is a difficult, but very rewarding course.

Cyber Self-Defense became one of 224 companies in the world authorized to help companies prepare for CMMC with our certification as a “Registered Provider Organization”. Cyber Self-Defense also became one of 18 companies in the world authorized to conduct provisional Assessments.
Here are our badges/certifications related to the CMMC:

You can go here, to see our status and validate our certifications;

Moving forward, we hope to be able to help answer some of the questions people/companies have about the requirements of CMMC. Please contact us for a non-sales presentation of the CMMC process. Please do not wait until it is too late, to become ready; the CMMC is here and it is NOW!

Here are some links that will help you, if you are contracting with the DoD;